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(Archived) Screen shot, clipping images into notes. Is it gone? I used to be able to do it.



I used to be able to select portions of the screen and clip it into a note or as a note. This was from within the application itself, not from the helper in the menu bar.


My menu bar helper activates but the buttons do not work.


This with the latest version of the program.


What am I doing wrong?


Thank you




On a Mac, 10.8.3, running Safari

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The Helper icon in the Menu bar worked in the sense that it dropped down. But the images at the top of the bar, which I believe were the buttons for screen capture, are unresponsive. 


Truth to tell, I've gone back to version 3.x. The new interface is harder for me to grasp quickly. And the helper in the menu bar is more explicit. 


The program is way more complicated than I need. So 3.x is adequate.


Thanks for responding.



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