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Recent notes doesn't always update



When I have a Note Link in a note, and I click that note link and I'm taken to the corresponding note, that linked note does not show up in my recent notes list. I apologize if that was confusing.


Note A has a Note Link (menu bar -> Note -> Copy Note Link) to Note B.

I open Note A from my list of notes and it's title shows up in the Recent Notes list in the sidebar.

I click the Note Link to Note B inside of Note A.

I'm taken to Note B, but Note B's title does not show up in the Recent Notes list.


Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

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Recent Notes are recently edited notes. The back/forward buttons will take you through your note viewing history.

Huh. I wonder if I'm the only one who was confused by that, especially as back/forward only sporadically work for me. Sometimes they have the "history" right but other times they take me through a seeminly random string of notes.

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I also found this an odd behaviour.  Many, many of the notes that I add are added via printing, emailing or web clipping.  And when I open or flip to the EverNote app, most often, I'm doing so to access a note that I recently added.  So "Recent Notes" is where I naturally expect to find recently added notes.  I think that Recent Notes should be the last 5 notes added, not the last 5 notes edited.  If that's not possible, then it would at least be be less misleading if it was renamed to Recently Edited.

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