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(Archived) EN please strive for excellence

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I encourage the good folks at EN to rethink your corporate manifesto.

It's disappointing to see mature product like EN making amateurish oversights.

I fear that Google or Microsoft will soon overtake you simply because you're stuck with a mindset of mediocrity rather than excellence.


I've always been astonished by the glaring oversights of what could ( and should ) be a truly great product.


For example:

  • On the most popular OS in history ( Windows 7 ) EN does not know how to spell-correct one of the most common words in the English language ( "and" ).
  • On my Droid 4 EN requires I highlight text from right to left ( Highlighting from right to left does nothing ).  

How can this possibly serve the user?  It's this little stuff that reflects so poorly on your corporate ethos.  It's simply amateur ( acceptable in 1990 but not today ).


There's so much good about EN.  Unfortunately there appears to be something in your corporate DNA that appears committed to careless mistakes and oversights. 

In 2013 EN should be the superior and dominant product, not vulnerable to be overtaken be Microsoft or Google.


If Evernote loses out to competition it's obvious that it did it to itself.


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Do you remember Wordperfect?  

Me either.

It used to be a dominant word processing program.  Then along came Microsoft Word...


Mediocrity will be overtaken. 


Regrettably I've seen numerous examples of EN cutting corners, getting by on "good enough".

That won't sustain it in a competitive field ( nor should it )


Excellence should be the goal.

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