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(Archived) Lost audio recordings in iOS?

Josh Bernhard

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I use Evernote notes to make audio recordings of meetings. Two days ago I made 3 audio recordings in a new note on my iPhone; the first two were about 60 min and 10 mb each, the third was 5 minutes. I also use Evernote on my PC. It appears the first two didn't sync, but the third one did. It appears in my PC Evernote that it tried to sync something, but was not successful, as evidenced by the accompanying image.post-129586-0-98761600-1364768051_thumb.


I read in another topic that someone was able to recover their missing audio files using DiskAid, but I was unable to find anything that looked like an audio recording.


Am I just out of luck and these recordings are gone forever? Also, is there some kind of 'best practices' when adding audio recordings to notes, because as far as I can tell, I did everything properly to save and sync the note. But this makes me wary of depending on Evernote for recording meetings like this in the future.

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Hi Josh...Did you receive any help on this? I lost an audio file today. Recorded an interview for an article I'm writing. When I tried to move the file from one note to another....I lost it! Not good! 


I'm new to Evernote. So far I love the program...but....I sure hope they can resolve this issue. From the research I've done on the internet, it seem very common!

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Unfortunately no. I've just been more careful since then about breaking up recordings into more manageable lengths, though sometimes when you get in a groove that's not possible. I also just pay more attention to whether or not the notes have successfully synced before I move on. 

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I've had multiple audio files 'disappear' now.  I don't think that I do anything differently and it doesn't seem to matter if they are larger files or not.  An important meeting the other day it even looked like it finished syncing correctly - I had the icon showing in the note and in the note list view.  But the next time I looked at the note (a few minutes later after finishing up the meeting) there is absolutely NO SIGN of the audio.


Unfortunately, I've been burned too many times now, I just can't afford to trust it anymore and will have to look at a separate app for recording.  It's just really frustrating that it works sometimes.  As a test today, for a meeting I didn't really need a recording of, it worked flawlessly for 5 recordings in a note - some over 30 mins long.  So, like I said, I haven't been able to pinpoint the situation under which it will fail.


Hopefully, we can get to the bottom of it soon as it is really a great part of the Evernote experience (when it's working).

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Thanks for letting us know your experience, Kerrin. It helps to know how the functionality of the app is performing for others. If you find an app you trust, please post it here. Everytime I record with Evernote, I'm so scared I will lose it. It's a shame, because I love using Evernote for so many things. Thanks!

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