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(Archived) Changing Evernote Data Location to Dropbox Folder


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I recently tried to change the location of my Evernote local data to my Dropbox folder - so that Dropbox would act as a backup for my Evernote data. When I did that a window popped up saying: "The selected folder may be a Dropbox folder. Simultaneous access to Evernote files by both applications may lead to data corruption and/or loss. Evernote strongly advises against storing actively used Evernote files in a Dropbox folder. Are you sure you want to change the location of Evernote files to this folder?"


I can tell that this is obviously not advised but can someone tell me if there is a real danger here or is this more of a precautionary note? Has anyone actually tried this and had good/bad results?


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Um, I'm going to assume that you're not intending on doing this in a shared fashion, that is, having more than one windows machine pointed at the same Evernote database in Dropbox. I would think that the danger there would be apparent.


So for a single-use scenario, here's one aspect: every time that you make a change to your note database, Dropbox is going to notice that the .exb file has changed, and is going to want to sync it (or part of it, anyways) to its cloud and on to other devices. That could be a drawback. I don't really know of others, though.


It seems simpler to have a Windows task that you set up to run every night that takes Evernote down (so that the .exb file is closed and available), backs it up to some location of your choice, including Dropbox, and then starts up Evernote again.

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