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Simplify formatting broken

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I'm using and for some time the simplify formatting function is broken. Basically instead of simplifying formatting it removes it completely (it works exactly as remove formatting function).


Steps to reproduce

  1. Create new new note
  2. Insert a table there (1 row 2 columns)
  3. Input some text to both columns
  4. Use "simplify formatting" function (either from menu or use ctrl ⊕ space shortcut)
  5. The table is removed completely.
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The same problem still exists, I'm using:


Evernote for Windows (272187) Public

OS: Windows 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1


I've recently started studying using online training video (http://www.pluralsight.com/training) and I'm trying to use Evernote to keep notes.  I like to use Simplify Formatting to keep the format of notes consistent when I might copy bits of information from other website or bits of code I've written.  


I'm almost starting to think I might need to find an alternative to Evernote, I've heard Microsoft OneNote supports far more formatting options (I've no solid proof of that so maybe it’s no better, I've not had chance to try it yet).


Since we're already 1 year 4 months since this was first posted and only a month less since the Evernote employee said a ticket had been raised my expectations are not very high.


I'm assuming the ticket system is not publicly available so the ticket number doesn't do us much good besides knowing they might have thought about this issue at least once.


By the way, I'm not saying this for lack of trying different things.  I've used Evernote almost daily since I upgraded to a premium account a couple years ago.  I've got quite a lot of content in my account, I generally like the product and service but there are a few rough edges (this formatting issue & searching being the two biggest for me).


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Here it is, 2016, and "Simplify Formatting" is still mess. I would use more harsh words (and it seems appropriate) but then this post would probably just be deleted.

I simplify formatting in even the most basic notes and it turns linefeeds/carriage returns (that would yield single-spaced text) into double spaced text. Garbage. Why is this so hard to NOT DO?!?

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I'd forgot about this post, it's over 2 years since I posted my reply!  I'm using the following version now:

Evernote for Windows (301769) Public

Now I've upgraded to Windows 10 but still using the desktop application, I just found there's an Evernote Touch version in the Windows store but it's got a rating of 2.9 out of 5.  Somehow I seriously doubt it will be any different to the desktop version at best and at worse it's probably get less features.

As it happens, the original issue regarding the tables and "simplify formatting" appears to have been resolved.  I just tested it and the table stays.  If you've reduced the column sizes it does stretch them to fill the width of the note again though.

Even though it's fixed I won't be coming back to Evernote for my online training note taking.  For that I've moved to MS OneNote and I much prefer it.  I still use Evernote for my day to day basic notes and the main note taking app on my Android phone but eventually I might try out OneNote for that too.  

Don't get me wrong, I imagine kshunterco is right, I bet there are still plenty of other issues.  You never seem to get a big company that produces software like that that actually appears to really listen to its users.

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