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(Archived) How to convert Word documents to Evernote for Android


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Evernote for Android on my tablet is quickly becoming my preferred place to consume all of my content. As a result, it has become important that I have native viewing as I skim through the notes. Sadly, Android EN does not let you see Word or PDF documents in the note, but only as an attachment. Sure, I can (and do) store the documents in Evernote, but having to select the document, then wait, then watch it in a viewer completely destroys the cadence of viewing. Here is a way to convert Word documents so that they can be viewed natively on the Android Evernote client as well as natively on the web client.


If this has been covered elsewhere and I missed it, I apologize.


To make a nice note out of a web document:

  1. Open the document with Word (I use Word 2010)
  2. Save as a "web page"
  3. Copy all files and folders to a web server (I use mini-httpd under Ubuntu)
  4. View the page with Firefox on a different machine (I use Firefox 10.0.6 on Solaris)
  5. Clip full page to your Evernote account

This combination produces beautiful pages viewable natively on the web and Android.

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...or you could open a document in Word.


Copy and paste the content to a note.


Attach the document to the same note.


open the note in an Android client...


Well now, don't I feel foolish? Sadly, that had never occurred to me. It works like a charm -- thanks for the tip.

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In a vain attempt to make myself feel less silly, I will state, in my defense:

  1. Cut and paste from OpenOffice to web Evernote outside of Windows was a disaster
  2. I started using web clipper to capture pretty much everything
  3. Until yesterday, I never had a Windows machine both with Evernote and Word installed

Early on, Item (1) steered me away from copy / paste and (2) got me on the web browser path while (3) kept me from trying the obvious.


It seemed so sane at the time...

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