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(Archived) 5.0 update wipes my text colours on Android


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Hi everyone, I hope you can help me.


I'm using Samsung galaxy s3. 


Currently, my Evernote on Android is unusable. 


This is because whenever I set a font colour on my PC, and try and add additional information on my Android phone, Evernote removes all text colours for the section that I am in. So, if I have a bold, blue title for a section, and then  write some text  underneath it, when I save the note, the bold blue title disappeared to normal text, uncoloured text. 


I really hope you can help me, because as of now, I really can't use Evernote unless I am writing something with no associated colours for the text. 

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Just installed an updated version of Evernote and the problem has now disappeared, though when I use swype beta 1.4, it crashes the software. This does not happen when using Samsungs built in swype like keyboard.

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