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Can I please make a request to the developers of Evernote to implement a facility were I can change the List view on a Mac so that the Preview Pane is on the right-side of the List instead of being underneath it.


This is space efficient for a small screen and is easier to scan longer notes.


Please make this amend soon...





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@Firenaut: The Mac version just recently went through a big UI update when it went to version 5, and some tweaks came out shortly thereafter. Not sure if I'd expect big changes any time soon, but those Evernote folks do keep on developing, so you never know. Keep an eye on the betas if you want to keep track of what's upcoming.

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Firenaut, you probably already know that: if you use the "Snippet View", the preview window already is on the right side.





But Firenaut is referring to the List view, not the Snippet view - not the same thing.  The list view is potentially the most condensed and efficient way of eyeball-scanning the list of notes without mini-graphics, multiple preview lines, etc.  And the widescreen format of virtually all computer screens makes the current implementation highly INefficient - an abbreviated list and an abbreviated preview.  Side by side would be WAY more efficient in terms of space.


As Jack said - this is a commonly requested feature.  So I was just wondering why it seems to be taking so long, given that the current List view has been the same since the beginning, complete with all the "requests" to improve it?

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