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(Archived) No response from Evernote Support - frustrated & open for advice

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In a nutshell; I had an issue with my Free evernote account... submitted a ticket, and they had not been able to identify the issue and since our last exchange they have just not responded at all.. I'm feeling very frustrated, I really do love evernote.. and although we are talking about a free account I feel I should still be entitled to support... and am now considering if I should change to another product :( .  I guess I'm partly wanting to vent and partly hoping others have suggestions or just opinions to help me decide.


More detail... about 1 1/2 months ago I went on a biz trip, I use evernote for SO much at work, from capturing meeting notes, contact info, project planning, to my basic to do list (which of course is critical to stay on top of).  I make updates to existing notes, or create new one's, daily.  Throughout my trip I was updating/creating new notes regularly... mostly accessing EN from PC client, occasionally from iPad.  Towards the end of my trip I upgraded my laptop to windows 7 and had to reinstall evernote.  I didn't notice any issue... but may just have missed it.. but when I got home, I had LOST ALL data entered from 2 WEEKS prior to my trip... until after my return.  I submitted a ticket, had a few exchanges while they asked me to verify a number of things... which I did, and had me uninstall and reinstall a pre-release version... I did, and ultimately told me that if I had a premium account I could restore a note... which does me NO good because it was multiple notes that I lost, I don't know which one's they were.. so even if I were premium did not see how this could help me. 


I got crazy busy at work and it took me a little while before I could respond, so they closed my ticket.. completely understand.. but still had the issue and was hoping they could help.. so opened a new one.  Summarized in detail everything that happened, and everything I had already tried to resolve.  They asked me to do some other tests to ensure I didn't have a 2nd account set up accidentally etc., which I verified.. and then pleaded w/ them to pass my ticket to IT to see if they could find my lost data.  They have since gone dark and its been over 2 weeks.. I've requested an update on my ticket twice. 


I realize I'm on a free account, and their priority is paying customers... I wouldn't mind paying to go premium, I just honestly haven't had a need for it as I still have plenty of space and havne't needed the premium features yet.  I LOVED that I could update notes on one platform and know they would be there and accessible at any time on any platform.. but after this occurance, my confidence is shaken.  More then that... the support I'm receiving (or not receiving) is really frustrating and I feel like they offer a free account but should still be able to support the most basic of their promises, that our notes are stored in the cloud and is safe on their servers.  The lack of response is disheartening... I would hate to change.. but wonder if this type of support is worth me staying on board. 


I continue to use evernote but have have created a new folder that I archive out of fear.. so my whole original folder structure is not being used and so I'm a bit out of balance not using EN in the original way I had set it up.  Maybe I'm making this into a bigger problem for myself... any input is appreciated.



Ticket #: 16051-259944






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I see that you are in the queue for Level 2 support.


Unfortunately we're having an unusually high volume of tickets right now. We do have time set aside each day for each agent to handle our other users, but our SLA is to answer all Business and Premium users first, and everyone else as time permits.


We're doing the best we can, including implementing overtime, but there is a longer than usual delay for our specialists' time unfortunately.

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My advice:  Pay the $50.  If Evernote is as critical as you describe to your professional life, pay the $50.  Sorry if this seems rude, but like I said...

She doesn't need to go premium if she doesn't need the services. That's part of the Evernote deal. Even if she needs to go premium to be able to access her account history (and that's not certain either), she only would need to do it for a month. She'll get her support, though, as heather mentioned, and hopefully she'll get her notes back. I think that Evernote would prefer that she became a premium subscriber, sure, but she should do so because she feels secure with Evernote's system long-term, and that's evidently not the case yet.

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Thank you everyone for your comments!  Heather and Grumpymonkey, thanks especially for confirming that my ticket has not been lost and is not being ignored.  I completely understand that my ticket goes to the back of the line... and also high volumes... I just had not heard anything so wasn't sure what was happening. 


My advice:  Pay the $50.  If Evernote is as critical as you describe to your professional life, pay the $50.  Sorry if this seems rude, but like I said...

.... , but she should do so because she feels secure with Evernote's system long-term, and that's evidently not the case yet.


Also... Jefito.. your comments are right on and appreciate you noting them, if only premium users are guaranteed support for the most basic assurance that their data will be secure... they should not offer a free service OR state that usage for free is at your own risk... and I don't think that is what evernote is trying to do by having a free offering.


Thanks again for everyone's input!!.. I feel much better now and will hang on for more input from support when they can get to it.

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@SPY131: Just to clarify, I believe that premium and free users alike are offered the same basic assurance that their data will be secure; with premium, you are paying for more upload capacity and a few more features (I interpret the service as the Evernote clouds, though I know that the various clients also take measures to try to preserve unsynched notes). See the Evernote Terms of Service and the blog post The Three Laws of Data Protection for some context. Very little distinction is made between premium and free users in these documents. The free service gets folks in the door, and hopefully some sense that that the service is worth paying for. But no data service is wholly risk-free, unfortunately, and it remains to be seen whether your notes are recoverable or not. I hope so, of course, but your reticence is wholly understandable.

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