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(Archived) Tags for new notes - Autocomplete or drop-down list pls

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Just a request to make tagging new notes easier.

When clicking on the "click to edit tags" section of a new (or existing) note, it would be great if an auto-complete option was available, or, less preferred, a drop-down list of current tags was available (instead of having to ctrl-shift-T each time to get a tag list).

Perhaps something could be set up whereby if one is leaving a note that has not been tagged, a pop-up window could appear asking if I want to apply a tag/s. If I select Yes, the tag list could then appear, or the tag bar in the note could become active and I could start entering the tag name, and the autofill can do the rest.


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I would love that feature.

The reason why the "click to edit tags" section of a new (or existing) note doesn't have a drop down menu in my opinion is because you can actually type more than one tag there, separated by commas.

I'd second that a better way of tagging should be implemented. Currently, tagging is a step back from version 2.2 (the drop down menu after Ctrl-Shift-T in version 2.2 worked much like the tag-search-box, bringing up any tag CONTAINING the word you're typing, not just those STARTING with that word).

Tagging is fundamental in a software like Evernote and should get the right attention to make it more practical and immediate.

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