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(Archived) How to write my own notes in default font in a new page after cutting and pasting something from the web?


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Here is the scenario.  I cut and paste something from a web page into a new evernote note.  And now I want to add some of my notes in the same note.  So I try to write below what I cut and paste.  Unfortunately my notes are in the same format/font/color everything as the cut and paste.  Is there a shortcut or a function, that allows me to write my notes in the default font I have set for my Evernote notebook after cutting and pasting something from the web?


The only work around I have right now is to first create a new note then type something and hit enter a few times.  And then cut and paste whatever I need to.  Tedious.

Please help!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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