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(Archived) Potential security violation or bug


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I've shared one of my work-related notebooks with a coworker. This coworker remarked to me that he had received an email alerting him that a notebook 'self-development' (a personal notebook) had been unshared with him. I never shared this notebook with him, and certainly did not share or unshare any notebook accidentally.


I use Evernote for both work and personal purposes. Under no circumstances should any of my sharees have an opportunity to know anything about notebooks that are not shared with them - not even a notebook name.


This really shakes my confidence in Evernote to preserve my privacy when sharing content with others. Is this a known bug? Did Evernote accidentally assign him the wrong sharing privileges, then 'fix' the mistake?

Thank you,


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Hi Rebecca,


I've never heard of an issue like that occurring. You should grab the activity logs under Help >> Activity Logs and attach them to the support ticket. What version of the client are you using?

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Thanks, dlu. Unfortunately because of error 2732, I had to uninstall and reinstall Evernote, so my activity log dates from the installation of 4.6.4 only. The issue occurred while I was using 4.6.3.



If you made a backup of the entire Evernote folder before uninstalling (always a good idea), the log would be in logs folder.

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BurgersNFries: To fix error 2732, I followed "Revo uninstall" and I backed up my .exb file as directed here. This means the old logs are gone, right?

If you only backed up the exb file (instead of the entire folder), then I'm pretty sure the logs are gone. (Unless you backup your computer to another hard drive or cloud which may contain the data from prior to the uninstall.) FWIW, backing up the exb file is crucial & something you should do on a regular basis. But backing up the log files can be helpful in a case like this. No biggie, but could be helpful in diagnosing your problem. I tend to think it's better to backup too much than not enough & so I don't take the minimalist approach. ;-)

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