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(Archived) Problem! Camera Mode won't stop taking pictures


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Everything was fine yesterday. Am sure I got an update last night. 


Tried to use Camera Mode to save documents just now and the bloody thing just keeps taking pictures and doesn't stop until it has 8. 


Galaxy s3. Tried turning off burst mode and things in the camera settings but it doesn't effect it. 



It is only in document mode that this happens. It didn't happen 24 hours ago. 


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I am testing Moleskine Notebook for Evernote using Samsung Galaxy SIII with Android 4.1.2


When I open Evernote version 5.0.1. in Page Camera (for Moleskine) mode, there is a bug:

  • I press the green Shot button --> system starts making series of flash photos I cannot stop (I am not holding Shot button!). At the end photos are not saved and I cannot use this functionality.
  • If I disable "Activate multishot camera" in Settings then everything is working fine, but I cannot use advanced features of Page Camera - cropping, deskewing, smart stickers...


The same issue has been highlighted in another post by another user (as above). 

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Definitely repro'd this internally.  With flash on and off.


The pictures that do end up getting taken are funky as well.  I would not recommend using at the moment on any current notes you have.

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Everyone, thanks for reporting.  If you can Private Message logs, I'll append them to the active bug we're working.


UPDATE: (Belay that request.  We've identified the bug and should have a fix out in short order)

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Thanks for looking into this so quickly.  I was excited to see the Flash always on bug fixed, but was disappointed with this new multiple shot bug.  I get this bug regardless of Flash setting.  Also, it does seem intermittent.

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Hi All, 


We are working on this issue and we will push on update very shortly. 

In the meantime you can use the default camera: 

- go to settings 

- select Note Creation 

- uncheck Activate Multishot camera



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