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(Archived) Evernote v5 error "could not load this note"


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I have the same error when trying to access one specific note on my phone; all other notes load fine, but not this one particular note. I've synched and rebooted the phone, no luck. I can access the note, no problem, via my laptop.



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I have many notes like this (could not load). Funny, or rather frustrating is, that the note (notes) was created on the same Android device (Galaxy S3) I am trying to open it now. EN is not responding to such a problems, they are coding "new features".


So have you raised a support ticket?  Sounds like the notes might have been edited in another client or have somehow become corrupted.

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For the record, I just found out that I too managed to get myself a note that Evernote Android cannot load. I have worked on that note using the Web interface, and I agree with AndreasM that this should not happen on a multi-platform system.


FWIW, based on the "What's new" section on Google Play I think this is version 5.0.4, but couldn't find an "About" menu or similar to confirm my Evernote version.

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If an Evernote client reports that it cannot load a note, then the correct thing to do is to open a support request for the problem. Even better is if the note contains content that you'd be comfortable with sharing, and the particular note might be a good test case for the scenario, and allow a dev to isolate a problem area more quickly. If you have problems with resolving a support ticket, then you should probably post it here; it may be possible for some of the folk who read here to push it upstream.


Current Android version in the Evernote client is obtained via Settings / Support / Current Evernote version. 

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Come on on AndreasM, give me a break.

Do you actually want Evernote to be able to get good information to fix things when it's needed? "Hey, I have a note that won't load" is probably not specific enough for the support folks/developers to go on -- it's far better for them to have a note available that causes the problem.

I actually do believe that editing should be allowed on all notes should be editable on all devices, but that's not the problem here; it's that some notes won't load on an Android device.

And, if you are going to respond in your fashion, "EN is reading the form but they have other priority, coding some new feature" then forget it.

This is not a quote from me, and please don't pretend that it is. You made it up; please stop that. What I do say is usually along the lines of: As has been said a great many times before, this is a user forum, and not an official support forum. Yes, Evernote staff do read everything, yes, they sometimes answer and do support here, but the official way to get support is by opening a support request. You may not like that, but you should believe it, because that's the policy, at least for now.
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