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(Archived) Can I add attributes (like "Title") to the hyperlink element in Evernote?

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So I had a list of links I had set up on my iGoogle page, which got me quickly to all my important Internet sites. 


Google includes a feature where you can add tooltip text, utilizing the HTML Title attribute.


I used mine to add hints about the username and password at each of the linked sites.


So I hover over the link and it displays login info (username and password hint) before I click the link.


I copied all these links into a Note page on Evernote and everything worked, including the tips that display when you hover over them.


Now I want to add new links to this list inside Evernote, but all I can find is the basic add link function.


Any way I can get inside these hyperlink elements in Evernote and add Title attributes?





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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