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(Archived) Page Scanner Wishlist


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I'm happy to see the addition of the page scanner function in the Android Evernote app, but noticed a few shortcomings after using it for the first time:


1) I wish it would save full resolution versions of the picture in the note.  My smartphone's camera is about 8MP, but the saved pictures are less than 1MP.  This really limits the ability for OCR to work on the "scanned" image, and to see crisp, clear text.


2) I wish the page scanner would save multiple images in the same order the pictures were taken.  When "scanning" a multi-page document, it's currently very difficult to read the document when the pages are out of order.


3) I wish the page scanner had the option to save the "scanned" document as a PDF file attachment.  This makes it easier to share and print.

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I also find it disappointing that the page scanner does not produce a pdf. The image is much mor difficult to use. Google Drive are doing this, so sadly I have to adjust my workflow to go via Google Drive until this facility hopefully soon comes to Evernote.

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