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(Archived) Feature requests

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I find Evernote very useful, but because I use it so often I have made a list of specific issues that I think should be addressed:



-There are limited font size options (sometimes I want 6 pt, 11 pt, etc., which are not on the drop-down of accepted sizes--I'd like to see a feature like Microsoft Word's where the user can type any positive integer or decimal with .5 (within a certain range))
-There is no superscript or subscript option (this is a sore lack when taking notes on chemistry)
-I can't highlight non-adjacent text simulataneously, as in Microsoft Word by using "Ctrl" and clicking
-If I add word to the dictionary, it does not add it to suggested spellings list
-If I add a lowercase version of a word to the dictionary, it does not automatically add the uppercase version (as at the beginning of a sentence)
-I can't edit a notebook name


Thank you!

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