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(Archived) Sync on Windows 7

Ian Briggs

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Hi all,


I spent the weekend reorganising my Evernote notebooks. The notes are in sync on my Macbook iMac and iPad at home and I have 1087 notes, but at work today, I synced my computer in Windows 7 and it is only showing 467 notes!? It seems to have created the notebooks fine, but the newly created notebooks have no notes in them!


I have tried syncing manually, uninstalling/reinstalling and nothing changes. The web version of Evernote shows all my notes present and correct. 


Has anyone ever seen this before or know what's going on and how to fix it?




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Hi Ian,  welcome to the forums.  Sounds like you did a pretty comprehensive spring clean over the weekend,  meaning that somewhere between 620 and 1087 notes need to be updated on your work computer.  Not sure how (or if) Evernote prioritises bulk syncing,  but that's going to take a little while.  I suggest you carry on as normal for a day and check again tomorrow - things should have synced up by then.  Meantime you could (presumably) use the web client for any editing of current notes,  and restrict your work computer to adding new clips/ comments?

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