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(Archived) Editing note title - only centre of title visible


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Just downloaded the new Android client (v5 on a Sammy Google Nexus running 4.2.2) and the incomplete note title problem when you edit a note (that was present on the beta) is still there. Essentially, only the centre/center of the title is visible so if it needs editing, you have to use the text selector to move to the off-screen text.

In the pinned beta topic above, xdelplanque said it was because the text wasn't as condensed as on previous versions.

It looks more like a justification problem to me though, rather than a font problem as the misalignment is too great to be down to a point or two's difference in font size. Only the central part of the title is visible too. If it was font size, you'd still see the start of the title, just less of it.

(Reported to Support, too).

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