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1:1 Killer combo for education: Evernote + Schoology


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I think if Evernote were able to integrate with Schoology, that combination would be a huge benefit to students and teachers.

Currently, users of Schoology can send notes to dropbox, from Evernote, or just email the notes... but real integration, especially on the ipad apps, would be ideal.  

Schoology says that their API is open, so anyone could make a widget to connect these two great systems... I wish I knew how to program!

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Cough, Cough... the functionality is there...


Your point about integration is correct, the more we can integrate, the better we can support students. My School is just now transitioning to a systems-based approach to student learning. In that vein, we are moving to Evernote in conjunction with Google Apps and Schoology. Since we also use PowerSchool, all of our student information is consolidated using the Schoology Platform. Here is how we break it up:


1. Evernote - Notetaking/Organization/E-Portfolios

2. Google Apps - Email and Document Sharing

3. PowerSchool - School Information System (Gradebooks/Attendance)

4. Schoology - Social Learning Platform (LMS) and our main portal to access all other services


It is working pretty well so far!


When you say you want more integration, what do you mean exactly?

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