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(Archived) Feature request: System/platform-wide "quick start" availability

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There is need for a quick-start note-taking utility. If I recall correctly, Evernote *used to be* just that: starting up lightning fast as an open blank slate, ready for note-taking. Now, of course, with many options and features, Evernote opens more slowly to reveal a vast array of folders, navigation, and other options.


What I'd like to see is, a quick, lightning fast, blank slate, for typing a note on the fly. Let it be set-and-forget, with userid/password and default Evernote notebook, and *that's it*! Let it open as quickly as, for example, Notes or Stickies on MacOSX. Evernote might also look into the "QuickEver" app published for iPads, which does a thing very similar to this request.


Just simple and *very* quick. No heavy word-processing/formatting involved! A blank slate. And for *typists*, not touch-drawers such as Penultimate users. Okay?

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Which platform are you talking about? If it's iOS then you should give Note from Squarespace a go.

For iOS, as I described, QuickEver works fine. I was merely suggesting that the Evernote folks *themselves* incorporate this as one possible way to call up Evernote — whether it be in iOS, on MacOSX, Windows, or wherever... A hard thing for me to describe, but I'm thinking of a way to open Evernote with a blank note and *without* all the other bells and whistles, so to speak.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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