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(Archived) Feature request: "Conflicting files" resolution utility

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A conflicting files resolution utility would include two items:

  1. Visible line-by-line comparison of the two synced files, showing differences. (This is usually, at least in my case, at most two or three items/file lines.) This would allow the file owner quickly to copy/paste in order to resolve conflicts. Perhaps even there could be an option to select one version of the file over the other. Then, the option to save, system- and Evernote-wide, the selected/constructed version of the file.
  2. *If* (as is likely) the "Conflicting-file-[date-time]" folder exists, and the conflict has been resolved, then *automatically* delete the folder and its contained file!

Such a feature would avoid much grief for me and, I suspect, for many other "conflicting file" creators!

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I 2nd this.  I really like Evernote, but not having an easy way to compare and resolve conflicts is a definite productivity killer.  I have to manually export each note and open them in a comparison tool - in this case the open source, cross platform, kDiff3, then after the conflict is resolved, import the result back into Evernote.  Not optimal.

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