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(Archived) Bug Report: Redo keyboard shortcut can lose all redo histories



I listed the description of the bug below:


Description: When pressing the redo keyboard shortcut (shift+cmd+z) in this specific sequence cmd+shift+z, all the redo histories are lost. 

Expected: As a user, I expect pressing shift+cmd+z and cmd+shift+z would trigger the redo shortcut. Even if cmd+shift+z doesn't trigger the redo shortcut, the redo histories should not be lost.



Hope you can fix this issue, because losing all redo histories is driving me nuts. 



Version of Evernote: Version 5.0.6 (400960)

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I had the same problem. I cut part of a note to paste it into a new one, pasted it into the title field (part of it had to go into the title), but then most of the clipping was automatically cut out due to the character limit of the field. I couldn't then recover the lost part anywhere...


Evernote version 5.0.6

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