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(Archived) Place "author" field in body of note from incoming email

MH McGrath

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When I forward email from my Gmail account to Evernote, I noticed that the "sender" of the email can be found in the "i" button under the "author" field for the note which was created.  It would be most useful if that "author" field could be copied/replicated in the body of the note, or at least somewhere in the note proper.  Since I, and many other Evernote users, utilize this approach to manage workload from emails, this capability would be most welcome.  Is there some way to accomplish this now (some script or third-party solution), or is this something that I/users should request as a future "feature?"


Has anyone in the forum worked out a solution to this requirement?




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Thanks! I now use gm2en with great success! I am still struggling with how to set up my method so I can send to various notebooks and tags. I use Gmail filters to automate sending emails through gm2en to Evernote, but can't master the tagging and notebook direction part. Any help will be appreciated.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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