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(Archived) Import from Google Notebook

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As you probably heard, Google have stopped developing their notebook web app. Are there any plans for evernote to support importing google notebook dumps?

I am looking for an alternative notebook tool and evernote looks to be the front runner at the moment. If there was a way to import my notes from google, it would really help. I imagine there will be quite a few people in this position and an import tool would probably help capture a large number of them...


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Yes, we hope to make this available soon. In preparation, you can Export each of your notebooks from Google to the "Atom" format by clicking on the "Export" link at the bottom of the GN page.

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Very excited about this...hope it will be coming soon? I know that other note taking services are starting to offer this--was considering switching but will hold out if there is import. I have a lot of legacy notes in Google notebook that I need to move.

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Sadly, the Google export (Atom) feature doesn't work. Any help out there??


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I had same problems, and it took a lot of my time to move my notes to other services including Evernote, I'm still in middle of it..., Shoot!

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What happens when you try to import?

I don't know about others, Google showed me a page told me it is broken link, I posted it in Evernote for public shared, hope you can see this link. You can find out the English version of the message from here.

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