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Evernote iPad 2 Spell check bug?


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Is there a way to toggle the display settings of spell check in EVERNOTE?

I am using an Apple iPad 2 and have just recently updated it this morning with the new OS (Version 6.13).

I attempted to type around in EVERNOTE and while doing so had noticed the spell check red line was no longer displaying on incorrect/false words. 

The settings of the iPad 2 appear to be fine as all other apps are able to display this function without issues.

'English' is the 'Language' used under 'General' > 'International',

'Check Spelling' along with 'Auto-Correction' is 'ON' in the 'General' > 'Keyboard' settings (along with all the other preferences) and for the 'Keyboards' I am using 'English (Australia)'.

However, EVERNOTE fails to display the spell check red lines all of a sudden.


Please let me know if there is a solution to this.



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Hi Kaya,

Just so you know that you are not alone, I am having the same problem on my iPad 3, running the most recent iOS. Spell check is not working, which, for my purposes, makes Evernote virtually unusable, other than for clipping articles. This is a shame because, prior to this problem, it was an extremely versatile product. Now, it is of very limited utility. Perhaps, someone at Evernote will notice this problem, and fix it. One lives in hope....

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