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(Archived) Not particularly an Evernote benefit but more a...

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...benefit of going "as paperless as possible"  (My phrase b/c it seems paper is still everywhere...)  And yes, I realize this is rather pathetic, but...


Anyway, doing some scanning this morning.  I often like to scan letters we receive from businesses that may seem unimportant at the time, but are helpful later.  I was doing that - received a notice that I'd be getting my new medical insurance card soon.  Happens around this time every year.  BFD.  Nearly tossed it but decided to scan it.  Since I use import folders on my Windows desktop, I give my scans descriptive file names b/c that way, after EN imports them, it assigns the title to the file name.  SO...I'm typing in the file name & automatically type in my initials & AETNA.  Then I look at the letter for the date, to include the date.  That's when I noticed it's not from AETNA...but rather United Healthcare!  Turns out my employer has changed providers.  SO...if not for this "duh moment", I don't know how long it would have been before I realized I had a different insurance company.  :P  And most certainly a billing conflict with one or more docs averted!!! 



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Followup:  So I get an email that I'm holding something up with this transition by not filling out some online medical history/information form.  One of the questions requiring an answer is when my current medical coverage began.  Well, I've worked there a number of years & I don't remember when we switched to Aetna.  I mean, you may as well ask me how many hairs are on a dog.  And I hate to bug anyone at work (they would know, since they do all this insurance stuff) since they're already annoyed that I'm holding this thing up.  SO...I go to EN...search AETNA & guess what I find...???  Aetna enrollment form I filled out on 4/1/2000...!!! 

I'm lovin' me some Evernote!!!  :P  

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