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(Archived) Feature Request: Pluggable content editors

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Well, what I really want is to be able to embed PlantUML inside of my Evernote notes, similar to how Confluence can with their plugin architecture.


I envision it would be something like how Confluence does it - insert a macro which brings up a macro selector, you select the macro you want (e.g. PlantUML) and are taken to a custom editor for that macro. You type your contents and hit save, and the macro will then generate the content which will be displayed in the note (e.g. image or other text).


The key is that it's the source to the macro which is saved with the note, so that you can go in later to that note and bring up the macro editor. This would be very handy with the PlantUML macro I mention, and I'm sure there are other things which would be just as useful to others.


Does anyone else see a need for this?




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+1. It would open up rather interesting possibilites. I'm not sure whether the macro approach in Confluence would be the correct way to design it in Evernote, but pluggable custom editors would certainly be interesting. I'm still dreaming of a two-way sync in Markdown/ENML.

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+1 I've just switched from OneNote for the cloud functionality and I see editing is an ongoing request that isn't getting met.  I'd love to see pluggable editors for any kind of content, which would mean people who want very simple note editing could keep it and 3rd parties could come up with sophisticated editors.  I'd probably use both.  Apart from that, I love EverNote.

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