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(Archived) How to put All Notes into date order

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I want to find a note I created a couple of weeks ago and unsure which folder I created it in.  Is there a way of easily searching according to date order, as I've a fair idea of when it was?



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Great. Basically, you are looking fro a little dropdown menu above your note list that says something like: "Notes by ..." (where the "..." is "Created", or "Updated", or "Title", or something like that). Click on it to drop it down, and select the sort criteria that you want. "Notes by Created" sorts on date that the note was created; "Notes by Updated" sorts by date the note was updated, and so forth. You can reverse sort order by clicking on the "Reverse Sort Order selection" on that menu as well. Also in Windows, if you use the list view, you can sort according to a particular column by clicking on the column header.

This Knowledge Base article may be of help: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23192143

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You can search using a variety of operators.  In this case created:date1 -created:date2 will bracket the period you are looking for and give you all the notes in that period.  adding a keyword from the note will refine it closer.

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