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(Archived) Feature request: Fading ink (never say ever!)

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OK, this may be a little weird, but here goes:


Although I've experimented with various 'task management' systems, I don't really like them - they need me to manage things their way, and it just isn't my way!  I like Evernote very much - it's flexible, and it doesn't impose a way of working on me. One thing I do is use Evernote to manage tasks in simple ways, like listing a summary of 'Current Work in Progress' items on one note where I can easily overview them all, and edit them any way I like.


When I've done something, I don't like to delete it straight away.  Instead I like to change its colour to grey.  This reduces its visual level, so things I still have to do are now more visible, but it still allows me see these items for when I am reviewing what I have done recently.  Later, grey items get deleted entirely.


OK here's the feature request.  It would be great to be able to select some text and label its color as 'fading ink' - which means it will hang around for a specified time period from the point of labelling (eg a week) but become progressively more like the background colour until it is removed (after approval?) at the end of the specified time.


As an idea this maybe seems to fly slightly in the face of the name 'EverNote', (more like ForAWhileNote!) But I think it would be a nice way to help with prioritising stuff.  It's like deletion, just a little slower.  ie 'Fading ink' is making (some) digital notes more like an extension of human memory, which is able to allow some things to ebb away in order to help us to prioritise what we need to know now. 

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+100 for a simple,  effective task manager.  I totally agree with @sds that most apps and software are terminally annoying (there's almost a pun there) in that you often need to learn a different language to change between them.  Some don't have tasks,  they have 'events' and instead of projects we have 'categories' or 'groups'.  One or two of the GTD schemes I've sampled require you to attend introductory briefings (which actually are very necessary given the number of options) and almost want you to sit an exam before you're allowed to mess with their software..


I don't want a(nother) learning curve taking up more of my time,  I just want to club my input stream into submission so I can occasionally throw out some coherent output !!!


(Sorry - going to lie down now..)

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