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(Archived) Odd behavior when trying to create note links with drag-and-drop



When I try to create note links by dragging one note into an open one, I don't get the name of the note, but rather a link that looks like evernote:///view/25611/s1/93eb4feb-3b54-4c8f-9b1b-9caf4788b49a/93eb4feb-3b54-4c8f-9b1b-9caf479a/. But when I right click on a note, select "Copy Note Link" and then paste, I get the actual note title. Is there a way for drag-and-drop to give me the note title, rather than the oddly formatted link?




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Hi. I am afraid this is a new behavior. I do not know if it is a bug or a feature, but I have reported it to the developers for the last two versions on the Mac (https://www.evernote.com/shard/s74/sh/7179b64f-b95d-4643-b9c2-74361964de03/5544c54cb67db092a81a02b57c5270f7 and https://www.evernote.com/shard/s74/sh/e6a0c69f-fa8c-46fc-b09d-9e0261649440/bac4cabfd92d90bdc3b25c3a14885ab2).

Considering its continued existence (only a couple of weeks, but two versions now), I think we might be looking at a new feature, though I cannot yet see how it is an improvement on the old behavior, especially for folks (like myself), who relied heavily on it to create personal wikis.

In my case, I have had to abandon note links for the time being, and I am using a lot more tags now to navigate my account. If this is something in which you would be interested, please see my website (linked in my signature below) for some ideas for effective tagging.

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Just stumbled upon a work around (at least in the latest version of Evernote): select all the notes you want (I do this after searching so selecting all is easy), right click, select "Copy Note Links" and then paste in a new note: all the note links appear in the correct format in a vertical list. Problem solved.

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