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(Archived) Copying and pasting an image from one note to another!

Salma Tarek

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I always used to clip images from the web and then copy them to different notes, somehow I can't do that anymore! I can't copy an image from one note to another, it just won't work! So, now I just have to save the image to my computer then attach it to the note I want. Any idea why that is?! 

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Hi - welcome to the forums.


Evernote tends to change behaviour between versions sometimes,  either because of a designed change or because someone forgot to copy something across to the new version.  Have you upgraded recently?


I've not seen anything change in the general area of copying images,  but I tend to have one image to one note,  not one>multiple notes.  If there's a working alternative is this a major problem?

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I have a similar issue: can't copy images between notes and even inside the same note.

Steps: Right-click on an image inside a note - Copy - Switch to another note - Right-click - there is no "paste" command. Ctrl-V pastes any text I had added to clipboard earlier, but not the image I am trying to copy. 

I am using Windows version of Evernote (v. (268644))

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