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(Archived) Share notes whit class

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I'm a high school teacher, who recently joined the Evernote community, so I'm still in the learning process. Searching through the net I found out, that there's a chance to share notes whit my students. So I went on and created a notebook for each course. Then I clicked the sharing option and sended individual emails to my students. Beacuse I didn't want it to be public, neither to invite each student - per person, they created class - emails. So theoreticly 30 students can look up a notebook via one email invite. Also I checked the preview option, so they don't have to register.


And here comes the question, beacuse they seem to have trouble accessing the files. 


Why is it, that I see only a few emails in the sharing options, of which not all have same grey tones (strange), eventhough I sended more invites. For better understanding, from 6 emails sended, only 3 appear in the managing option for share.


Whit kind regards,

Uroš M.

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Hi - welcome to the Forums,  and the Evernote community.  If your content is just course information,  and won't include personal details about you or your students,  I'd suggest you make those notes 'public' so anyone with the URL can see them.  It's the easiest way to make sure anyone can view the content,  and your "security" will be that unless someone tells you the address of the page,  you won't be able to see it.  That's not much security,  so be careful what you post online.


The Evernote "invites by email" aren't meant to be shared between several people,  so I'm not sure what the effect of a group of students sharing one invitation would be. If you're having problems,  I'd say that's because you're not supposed to be able to do that,  and it just won't work so well.


I think you'd have to allocate one email address per student to share that way - which might be a good idea,  because you could help them to open their own free Evernote accounts.


I know there are a few teachers around here who use Evernote - maybe they'll advise you better than I can about how best to do this!

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