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(Archived) Sync on Android failing..

Sugeeth Krish

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Hi, i have a few offline notes on android, but from today morning when i tried to sync them, i get an error saying that "Last sync failed" and always has something related to heap error . like (Heap size = 7971KB) , Allocated = 7842KB.


Can someone tell me whats the problem? There is sufficient memory available in both phone internal memory and also space in my memory card

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I get this occasionally when there's insufficent 4g or cell connection, and WiFi is off on my Galaxy III.   Usually tapping the synch icon a few times makes a connection and synchs.


No, i don;t use cell connection, am using Wifi 2Mbps, no problem with that. :(

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same problem

wtf is this?

I almost lost my notes after I logged out. But thanks to colornote backup :)

Will uninstall.

Did you try opening a support request?

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