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(Archived) Is there a way to open MobileSafari to open hyperlink, instead of UIWebView?

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I have <a/> tag in Note creating from my App. This hyperlink links to my website, and there's a PHP script to check whether the current device is iPhone/iPad or PC. If the current device is iPhone/iPad, then launch my App by calling app URL, otherwise, open http-URL. This script works fine in Safari or other browsers.

However, it seems that hyperlink in Note is opened in a UIWebView in Evernote app, then my re-directing script doesn't work properly. I got error of "The URL can't be shown", or sometimes "Frame load interrupted".

I use this code for re-directing:

header('Location: myApp://tag/id');

Does anyone have idea on how to do re-directing in UIWebView?

Or, Is there any way that I can designate MobileSafari to open any hyperlink in Note?

Thanks for any helps!

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