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(Archived) Syncing backwards

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I use evernote at the office on the desktop computer and occasionaly on my laptop at home. Yesterday I worked from my laptop which I haven't used in 2 months or so with evernote. When I open Evernote it started the syncing process and when that was over I was still with the evernote from January.

The worst part is that when I went back to my office on my desktop and open evernote it sync with my version at home thus I lost everything notes since january.

Not Good.

Please can someone explain to me how syncing works and why my laptop did not sync with the latest version on my desktop... any chance I get my data back?

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Hi - welcome to the forums,  sorry for the problem.


Syncing is between computer (or mobile) A and the Evernote servers; then between the servers and computer (or mobile) B.  So if you opened Evernote on your neglected computer,  it should have updated the database from the server to where you are now and been ready to add new content.  When you opened your work computer it should likewise have synced with the server to find anything new you added from home and started from there.


Go to your Evernote account in a browser (via Evernote.com) and check what notes show there.  The server is the final word on what's current,  and your computers will update to what's on the servers.


If you have lost notes,  raise a support ticket now - I don't know how that could have happened,  unless you somehow have two accounts.  As I said,  your home computer would have had old information on it - if the date on the computer is valid Evernote would have known to send it the information it lacked.  EN would not have deleted notes.


If you've not lost any notes when you view the server version,  then just sync your two computers again - they should update to the latest information.


Best practice for the future:

  1. Backup your database locally (search the forums for lots more on that..)
  2. sync before changing anything
  3. sync after changing anything
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