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(Archived) Images not appearing - HELP!

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I just started using Evernote. I'm using the Windows web version on Firefox and syncing with my iPad too. I created a note and dragged an image into it. The image appeared when I did that. But once the note was saved and I tried to re-show it, the note opened - and some text appeared that I had written - but the image did not appear. I tried it for 3 notes and no images. They didn't appear on my iPad, either.


Please help!

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Hi - welcome to the Forums.


You appreciate that the new note + image has to be processed into your local database (if you're doing this on a desktop) and later synced to the server,  so it can be downloaded to your iPad when that next syncs with the server.  Images tend to be large files,  so the sync-around tends to be a lot slower than you might be in looking at the notes on one client or the other.  In my experience images in notes do appear - sometimes you have to be a little patient.  If you're having problems,  make sure both your machines have synced and give it overnight.  If you're still not seeing images,  use the support ticket link below!

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Thanks for the input. What I figured out was that I could ATTACH an image and it worked fine, but if I tried to drag an image file and drop it into my note, it would show up in the note but once I closed the note it was gone and it didn't sync to anything else.

So, I'm fine as long as I attach. But I thought I could drag and drop, too.

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