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(Archived) Feature request: ISO 8601 Date/Time format

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Evernote's preferences for "format for 'insert date'" should include a valid ISO 8601 date/time stamp. These are clear, unambiguous, and universally understood and accepted. Also, they sort in proper temporal order. 


I will leave it to Evernote to choose from among the various options such as Zulu time vs. local time, precision (do we need to show milliseconds?) and so on. 


Wikipedia has all you need to know to implement. Here's a sample: 



Combined date and time representations <date>T<time>

A single point in time can be represented by concatenating: a complete date expression, the letter T as a delimiter, and a valid time expression. For example"2007-04-05T14:30".

Either basic or extended formats may be used, but both date and time must use the same format. The date expression may be calendar, week, or ordinal, and must use a complete representation. The time expression may use reduced accuracy. It is permitted to omit the 'T' character by mutual agreement.[13]

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