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Evernote "Could Not Connect To Server"


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Alright, I have tried researching this, but so far whatever i do doesn't seem to work. I have installed the Evernote application onto my Windows 7 machine (64-Bit) but nothing! After reading around i tried deleting all data from IE, as that seems to work for some people for some reason (I use chrome anyway). Still nothing! I then turned to the Firewall and allowed all evernote.exe's through the firewall! Still nothing!


Is there a fix for this? I should state, i am running a 32-Bit version of evernote on a 64-bit PC. But that shouldn't affect it too much!


One final thing, Web App runs fine, the Android app runs fine. But it's only the desktop application which is bugged!


Image of error message: post-127400-0-50191200-1363432407_thumb.

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Hi - welcome to the Forums.  Can you see web pages (any web pages) in IE?

No, it just crashes and attempts to load ieframe.dll, I'm going to try and update now.


Heh, This explains why people still use IE actually, for Evernote.

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I had the same issue. Try checking your proxy settings in IE.


Within IE, go to:

Tools (Alt + x)  --> Internet options --> Connections (tab) --> LAN settings --> Uncheck "Use a proxy server for your LAN".


Hope this helps - worked for me.

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Friends don't let friends run IE. Loading or updating IE is NOT an acceptable solution. I use Chrome because it sandboxes all internet sessions by default, it runs its own Java virtual machine, its own Flash, and it has the most complete set of antispyware tools. If Evernote depends on IE, or any other specific browser, that is a serious security issue. I came here looking for specific firewall settings to prevent difficulties with Evernote. What are those settings, or where can I find them?

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Microsoft being,  well Microsoft,  made IE to use the same connection protocols as Windows;  and messing with IE is a much simpler way for most folks than delving into Control Panel to change settings.  So we're not recommending or requiring IE,  we're just using it as a convenient way to fix other connection issues in Windows.  Evernote doesn't 'depend' on IE,  any more than your Chrome connection on a Windows machine does. 


If you have any issues with your Chrome connection it would be good to give us a hint as to what they might be,  otherwise it's kinda hard to be specific about 'firewall settings' particularly as there aren't any settings of which I'm aware that you might tweak.

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