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(Archived) Feature request - Push notification for shared updated notes

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Tried to search on the topic push notify function for IOS notification but could not find something matching, if there is an topic Im sorry.

I'm want to have a push notify function on shared notes. If a shared note are updated by invited user the system should send a notification in the IOS system. This function should be an option to select on each note.

If I have done update in a note, I want the system to send a notification to all invited to know the note is updated with new info without enter the folder or note.

If this already exists please inform how to actived the push notification, I can't find this function in Evernote for IOS devices.

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This functionality does not exist for any Evernote clients, as far as I know. Better sharing/collaboration facilities would almost certainly be welcome as Evernote continues to push the Evernote Business angle.

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