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(Archived) Good Sort - a new iOS app for saving Facebook content to Evernote

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Hello everyone,


We recently finished updating our iOS app, Good Sort, to support exports directly from Facebook to Evernote. We built this functionality to make it easier to save, search and share the most interesting posts & comment threads from our Facebook feed.


We think it is a fun and simple way to discover the most memorable stories from the Facebook feed and then save content direct to Evernote. When you save a post, the entire comment thread is sent to Evernote - where you can search for quotes, data and web links, etc., from the discussion.


Whether you want to clip Facebook stories to read later, or download a copy outside of Facebook, Good Sort may be useful to your Evernote workflow. Please check it out! It is free in the App Store:








To learn more, please see our website:






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