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My scanned notes are too big to print

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I have been scanning in my hand written notes to evernote for a while now using the "import image" function. I recently tried printing a note containing a couple of pages of hand written notes and found that it wanted to print only a fraction of each note on each piece of paper. Is there any way I can scale down the images so each scanned A4 document prints to a sheet of A4? Any suggestions?





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What happens if you instead of Evernote select "Paper Handling" in the drop down menu and checks "Scale to fit paper size" and choose A4? 


Nice idea but nothing changes! Thanks for the suggestion though.

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I too have the same issue. Scanned images are bigger than the paper size. Scanning at letter size, color 150 dpi on epson all in one scanner. Printing at letter size and it is like a 5x7 portion of the scan.

Have looked at settings etc with no good result. I am able to scan to preview or photoshop without size change issues.


Thanks all

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I have the same issue, is this scheduled to be fixed anytime soon?



This issue should be fixed in 5.2.1. What version of Evernote and MacOS are you seeing this in?


Brilliant, I just updated to 5.2.1 and it works for me now!! :D Running OSX 10.8.4 

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I'm having this problem also. File looks fine as a note but when I try to print it, it too big and printed at a smaller percentage, part of the right side gets cut off. I love Evernote and this is the first problem I've run into. PLEASE FIX. I'm trying to take snapshots of my tax docs.

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I have found taking a snapshot picture with phone camera set to lower resolution and 4:3 format seems to keep things small enough to print on one page. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5. This does not work with the EN document camera, as that seems to over-ride the native camera settings. Of course, if the text on the document is small and dense, the readability of the printed version is bad. But for sketches, notes, receipts, this works ok.

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I have this problem as well, snap receipts and try to print or export to pdf. If I highlight multiple or merge and then export/print they are all cut off/incomplete.  How can you develop such a sophisticated doc capture and then blow it on the export? I thought for sure I was missing something but I haven't found anything yet.

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Anyone had any luck here? I just downloaded Evernote and paid for the reciptmate app. Great so far but I need to be able to export the receipts I scanned using iPhone to send in with expense accounts. Need electronic as accounts overseas. But each small receipt saves huge, each around 450kb. If I print and view in screen, the small receipt is huge! Am I missing something? Why would they need to be so big? Any suggestions? Assume I amusing latest app as only just downloaded from App Store.

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