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(Archived) Offline-Notebooks on "Galaxy S2 Plus" fully possible?

Guest mrossk

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Guest mrossk
The Galaxy S2 Plus could be the ideal smartphone for me (Small phone and good camera. All "better" smartphones are too huge for me). The only disadvantage for me: Only about 4 GB RAM available.


I never had a smartphone with so little memory and so I have no experience with external sd-cards: Is ist possible to store all offline notebooks from Evernote to an external sd-card or does this not work? In the forum I have seen that it depends on the manufacturer. Any exerience with this smartphone?



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My Galaxy S2 (not plus) is presumably similar,  and I've had a long battle with SD cards.  It looks like all mobile phones have a portion of their base storage allocated for system use,  and the rest is called (confusingly) USB or SD memory.  The external storage added with an actual SD card sits as a sub-folder in the USB memory folder.  All the apps I use - including the ones designed to move other apps into the SD folder - refer to "move to SD card" and really mean the main folder in on-board memory,  not the physical card.  I have a 16GB phone,  plus a 16GB card,  and having made a valiant attempt to make as much space as possible for my offline database,  I have 99% usage on my internal storage (1.97 of 2GB used),  60% of my "SD" storage (4.2 of 11.5GB) and naf all of my real SD card - 1GB used out of 15+! - and that's for random music and video and the odd backup.


I'm told there are ways around this if you root your phone.  Not prepared to do that - seems like there's additional tech maintenance involved which I really don't need at the moment. 


I'm hoping that there are Fandroids hiding out within the Herd who are also having these problems,  and will find a way to unlock my extra GBs of capacity sometime soon!


Sorry: should have said that

1) I really like the phone and wouldn't change it - except maybe for an S4.. and

2) I now use smaller notebooks - subsets of my default book - for stuff I need offline.

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