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(Archived) Feature request: Append mode

Jason Lin

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First off let me say thank you for making a great app that has the power to improve my life and probably many others' as well.

Saving notes is very easy as it is and it would be even better to have a screen that allows the user to choose between 1. create new note 2. add to existing note, after the user shares content to Evernote.

I believe this is applicable for all platforms and there are many scenarios where this provides better user experience.

For example, the user wants to create a list of potential locations for vacation. The list is saved as a single note for easy access and sharing. The user views Anthony Bourdain enjoying food in Hokkaido and wants to add Japan to the list of locations. Next day, France and Vietnam!

I guess the moral of the story is some notes are meant to be completed over time and in many cases an option to append to an existing note would make people even happier.

Thank you for your consideration,

A programmer who is impressed by your products

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  Thanks for the suggestion,  though I'm not sure about the need for an 'append' option - it's easy enough to do if you open the original note.  And there's an argument that unless you're correcting the content of a note,  and additions should be a new note with a linking tag.  If you decide you want to join the tagged notes together at any stage,  you can always merge them.

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