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Current state of Skitch / Evernote integration



Hello All,


I am new to Evernote and Skitch, and don't have any gripes based on the past.  I searched and couldn't find a current post on this topic, so here goes.


I just want to know if I'm missing something...


Short Version:

On the Mac, are Skitch and Evernote not really integrated?  Not like on Android where they work very well together?  So on the Mac, you can't really go back and forth and annotate a picture in a note and just keep it in that note and go on?


Long Version:

Use Case: (on Android)  Open picture in gallery.  Share to Evernote - this creates new note.  In Evernote, tap pic and tap "plus" sign and choose Skitch.  Annotate in Skitch and tap "checkmark" to save.  Everything shows up in note (original note).  Want to add more annotation? - just do it again - same note.  "Who's on first? - Second base!!"  Sync and everything shows up great on Mac, BUT can't add more annotation to pic in note.  Back to Android.


Works great on Android. Am I missing something on Mac?


TIA, RacerX


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Your not missing anything. The two platforms were built very differently for different reasons. Skitch Android is able to integrate with Evernote more tightly because of the way Android works and some design decisions.


The Mac version (which is the original Skitch) does not have the same level of integration at this time. However when you sync to the library on Skitch Mac, you're syncing to your Evernote Skitch Notebook, which if you haven't changed on the Android is exactly the same, so you can sync between devices. 


We are working on a more streamlined integration between Skitch Mac and Evernote Mac which will let you browse Evernote, find an image, or a Skitch note to mark up, and jump straight to Skitch to edit. 

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