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(Archived) Feature Request - Maintain Tab Position After Carriage Return



I haven't tested this on the Windows client, but I have a gut feeling it is the same.


When I type notes, I like to have an outline layout. It provides a detailed hiearchy and gives me a sense of flow to the content. I'm a student, and I use Evernote to track lecture notes, assignments, and exam material. Here's an example note. Part of it was recently imported from OneNote.




When I hit TAB, it shifts the text to the right, as expected. However, when I hit enter, it goes to the beginning of the next line. It does not retain the current tab position.


What it does

Some Text
         More Text (now I hit enter)
More Text

What I want it to do

Some Text
       More Text (hit enter)
       Position is retained
             This should work
              With varying levels
        to provide content organization.

Is there a setting to allow this? Hitting tab repeatedly is really annoying.


Video explanation here.



System Information:

Evernote Version 5.0.7 (400995)

OS X 10.8.2

Apple MBP 2011

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Hiya - you're right that the Windows client is similarly - er - "basic" in outline and layout options.  Evernote do say they have no ambition to become just another word-processor,  but perhaps they'll improve the editor a bit for each client as time goes on.  In the meantime you can always use an outline app to generate the text,  then cut/ paste it into Evernote.  Some of us around here use http://workflowy.com/ which is quite cool..

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Is there a setting to allow this? Hitting tab repeatedly is really annoying.


You and this guy should make a user group.


On a more serious note, have you considered using bulleted lists? They do what you ask for, if you can live with the dots. 

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