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Going paperless - security issues?


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I have been an Evernote user for some years but only used it now and then to store simple notes and for webclips.

I'm now in the process of evaluating going paperless. I've been working on a scanner and automatic filing solution for storing directly in Evernote. Just when I was about to succeed in setting everything up Evernote was hacked, and I started to question if my idea of storing all mails and importan papers in Evernote was a good idea. Should I store "everything" there (apart from obvious things like pin-codes etc of course)? E.g. Birth certificates, wedding certificates, insurance, banking info etc?

I'm looking for other peoples view on whether storing "everything" at Evernote (and searchable through OCR-feature) is a good idea.

- Do people consider this a safe solution?

- Do you limit what kind of papers are scanned & stored here? Do you also store locally at a local disk or do you store the most important locally on a disk and the rest on Evernote?

- Is additional encryption of scanned files possible without disabling searchability?


Would appreciate feedback on thoughts about this and how you use Evernote for going paperless.



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I wouldn't recommend it. I am all for clearing clutter, but let's me be real - you can scan and store your birth certificate somewhere, but you still need the original hard copy, so I don't quite understand your dilemma. What's the advantage of saving it in Evernote? Are you going to shred it afterwards? You can't do that anyway, so what's the point?


Get a safe deposit box at your bank and place all your important documents in there, birth certificates, passports, etc. Stuff that eventually you are going to need to retrieve and present to other people.


I would not save anything important in the cloud, not with EN or anyone else. There are backup services that double encrypt and who do not collect your password, which means that their employees can't get access to your stuff. It also means if you lose your password you are screwed. As far as safety from hacking - who knows...

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dunes41 is right. I also started getting paperless recently. I decided, that i only upload stuff, i would not mind beeing seen by a stranger.


For me there is no need in having a copy of my birthcertificate online. But i have all my car-insurance-papers online.


At the end its your choice.


(please excuse my english :)

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There's a lot to be said about going paperless. I have lived a *nearly* paperless life for years, as my main residence has been a boat, so not much space there.


However, there are times where you need your *actual* Car Title, and your *physical* Passport, and your *honest-to-god* paper version of your Marriage License for things. A digital copy of it is all great up until you're in person at the DMV/Notary/Coast Guard office/whatever.


You can go paperless 98% of the way, and that's an awesome goal to strive towards. But there do need to be some things on paper still.

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