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(Archived) Save starred articles in Google Reader to Evernote?

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it's exactly because Google Reader is being shutting down that we (a lot of google reader fans) need this kind of tool


If I'm not mistaken, IFFFT can not migrate existing data. Please correct me if I'm wrong


Using Google Takeout, we can download a zip file 




In this there is a starred.json file with a JSONArray named "items" containing array of JSONObject like this one




So if anyone can write such a tool, that would be a great advertisement for evernote :-)

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It's been quiet in this discussion, but I wanted to give a head's up for this: http://github.com/dpaeme/starred2enex


I've written a python script, inspired by export2enex.py, that creates evernote notes from google reader's starred.json file. The big difference is that it fetches all images embedded in the stories, and adds them to the note - and it makes sure that everything imports into EN flawlessly.


Have fun with it, and do give me a shout if something doesn't work.

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