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(Archived) Using File Sync with central File Server

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While I love the idea of being able to upload files to Evernote the syncronization is key to making it valuable. In my office environment we keep the bulk of files on a local File Server. This allows anyone on the team to reference or modify the files as needed. From my experimentation there doesn't appear to be a way keep in Sync with the source file. If I upload a file to Evernote that is sourced from the FS even if I open it from the note my updates are not reflected on the FS. So this tool appears to only sync files between the various Evernote platforms and not the originating source. From a business perspective the days of storing or maintaining files on ones own machine are pretty much past. Is there any plan to deal with this scenario? Thanks!

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Correct ... once you put a file into Evernote, it doesn't depend on the original file any longer. This means that if the original is deleted or moved, Evernote will still allow you to access your contents.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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